Sunday, 21 August 2016

AMK 1:48 Mig 31 B/BS

Review Built  

Part 2

Following on from Part 1 of my build review of AMK's wonderful kit, this time I finish off the build of the engines and engine intakes, add them to the lower fuselage and make a start on the upper fuselage and wings.

First job was to finish off the landing gear bays which are constructed as part of the engine intakes.

Again the fit is excelent with no filler and minimal triming required. Painted with Alclad Light Aluminium and to lift the detail in the bays and to make them look nice and dirty I gave them a wash with Mig AMMO Black/Green wash.

Once dry the intakes, bays and the kits engines were added to the lower fuselage. Once again no work was required other than to file the cut sprue flashes.

As you can see the fit and the detail is awesome.

Next job was to build the nose wheel bay and assembly. Once again painted with Alclad Dull Aluminium and made to look used and a bit grubby with the same Mig AMMO wash used on the main landing gear bays.

Once dry, the nose wheel assembly was cemented into the lower fuselage half. The fit being the same as the rest of the kit, it just slotted into place.

At this point the lower fuselage assembly was put to one side and a start was made on the wings and upper fuselage assembly.

As the joins were still drying I only test fitted the upper and lower fuselages halves together, and once again everything fitted perfectly. 

I'm really enjoying this kit and built, the further I get into the build the more I feel that AMK are well on their way to taking away Tamigawa's shake and bake crown.

Next time the upper and lower fuselage halves go together and a start will be made on the cockpit and nose section.

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