Monday, 22 August 2016

ICM 1:48 JU 88 A-4

In Box Review

The Ju 88A-4 was an improved variant of Junkers famous Schnellbomber ("fast bomber").  It featured a longer wingspan, due to the redesigned wingtips. Stronger defensive armament was added and the  Jumo 211 J-1 or J-2 engines given a boost in power to 1410 hp driving wooden bladed propellers. The undercarriage was reinforced and provision for four external bomb racks was added.

In the box are:

 8 grey sprues
1 clear sprue
A decal sheet
An instruction booklet 

On first inspection, it would appear that all of the sprues from the previous release are in this boxing. However, there are two new sprues with extra parts for this variant. This does mean that there is some spare parts in the box which will be loved by those modellers who keep the parts from kits that they haven't used in the build.

The sprues are of good quality with no flash. I could see no sink marks and the ejector pin marks appear to me in places that would show. The larger parts have no marks or blemishes sometimes seen because of temperature variants in the mould, although I have heard of such blemishes in some boxes, however reports say they don't affect the quality of the kit.

The instructions: 

The centre stapled instruction booklet consists of 24 pages and is very comprehensive, with detail drawings of each assembly stage including three paged of full colour painting and decal guides.

The decals:

 ICM has provided four decal options,:

Ju 88A-4, 9/KG 30 Sicily, Spring 1943
Ju 88A-4,stabSt/KG 3, Russia Spring 1942
Ju 88A-4, Stab 1/KG 77, Russia Spring 1942
Ju 88A-4, 8/KG 3 Russia Winter 1942

The decals are clear, bright and in register with minimal carrier film.

The sprues:

 The engines are reasonably detailed.

The clear parts are all free from blemishes and are very clear.


ICM are once again on the ball with this offering of the Ju 88. The cost balanced against the quality mean that in my opinion, this is a kit that is a must for any modeller that is keen on WWII Luftwaffe planes. Having been lent this kit for review I'm very tempted to purchase one for myself.

I'm indebted to my Good Friend Darren Wilks for the loan of the kit for review, the problem is I have to give it back now!

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