Sunday, 14 May 2017

Revell 1:32 Colonial Viper Mk, II Part Two

Top Secret

Colonial Viper Mk. II

First impressions of the kit are that the moulds must be showing their age as there is plenty of flash supplied with the kit 😀 It is very obvious that the kit was originally boxed by Mobius as their name is on quite a few of the major parts. Revell not wishing to be left out have added their name to the underside of the fuselage. This needed to be sanded off, it only took a few swipes of the sanding stick as the plastic is quite soft.

Cockpit Assembly:
I decided to start with the cockpit, assembly is straight forward with just minor assembly of the main instrument panel and the side walls.

Once sprayed the instrument decals were applied. I then did a little light weathering with a neutral grey was and some dry brushed silver.

I then moved onto the pilot, after test fitting his arms there was two obvious areas that needed my attention; The joint of the top of the arms to the torso and the position of the the pilots right arm. Revell would have you build the kit with pilot  holding the control column in mid air. To overcome this I applied a little heat to the arm and bend it so that it adopted a move conventional position. I also extended the length of the column with some scrap sprue.

Test fitting of the pilot in the cockpit.

Next job will be to paint the pilot.

Thanks for looking.

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