Monday, 29 May 2017

1:35 Tamiya Panther G (Early) Part Five

1:35 Tamiya Panther G (Early) 

Part 5

As you probably know this kit was purchased cheap at Southern Expo as a base kit for demonstrating various weathering techniques at the Extreme Weathering Show. I thought it was a shame not to finish her so spent this weekend doing just that. I make no claim as to where or when this tank tank appeared in Europe it was mainly an exercise in weathering.

Painted with Meng/AK Interactive paints and weather with everything from Flory Washes and Piments to Mig Jeminez's latest Oil Brushers. 

Even though she a right hotch potch I rather like her and am quite pleased with the results.

This is how she looked after the demonstration at The Extreme Weathering Show

A right mix of weathering mediums and techniques and missing all its stowage.
So after a weekend of washes, pigments and finishing off the build, I got her looking like this.

Guess all she needs now is a suitably crafted base.

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