Tuesday, 29 December 2015

Review - The Weathering Aircraft Magazine - Panels

The Weathering Aircraft Magazine


Another magazine from the Mig AMMO stable, issue 1 concentrates on finishing model aircraft using a variety of methods and products. Consisting of 68 pages of large, detailed photos and text, it takes the reader through several techniques using six different models. 

The magazine covers how to scribe panel and rivet lines, highlighting panels, and apply washes to panel lines. Using “step by step” articles it takes us through multiple techniques from some of the worlds best modellers.

It covers the use of different products, techniques, and results available to modeller's This first issue also explains how to include panel techniques with the other weathering  techniques needed for model aircraft. 


Having never used enamel based washes before I have been waiting for a publication like this one that tells you exactly, in 'bite sized pieces' how to finish you models. So for the first time I have purchased some of the products feature in the issue and so far I'm please with the result (watch out for future review). 

The magazine is being published four times a year and costs £6.34/€9.00 per issue and a 12 month subscription costs £26.77/€38.00 

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