Wednesday, 23 December 2015

Freeing up your Workspace

Freeing up your Workspace

How many times have you ended up building your model in a space about six inches square on a table that is much larger? If your anything like me every time you get  involved in a project. 

Well I have found a solution. Let me introduce you to the HOBBYZONE Modular Workshop System.

These units are produced by a HOBBYZONE in Poland at what I think is very cheap prices, even when you add post and packaging the cost is not prohibitive although postal costs do go up for countries outside of the EU.

Have a look at their promotional video:

I'm buying a few units at a time and adding them to my work bench so far mine looks like this:

The individual units arrive flat packed and you assemble using white PVA wood glue, the very comprehensive instructions show exactly how everything goes together and in what order. The units fit together and are held in place using small but very powerful rare earth magnets.  

Since having these units my desk has remained tidy and clutter free, however I have had to remember what drawer I've things in! 

Their website can be found here HOBBYZONE and their units are here Modular Workshop System

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