Monday, 3 April 2017

1:35 Tamiya Panther G (Early) Part 1

1:35 Tamiya Panther G (Early)

Part 1

Started this the other day and been working on it on bits as I've been able to get to the bench.

This is primarily being built for a weathering demonstration I have been asked to do but Paul of Modelling Tools for his Extreem Weathering Show in late May.

Although I'm an occasional armour modeller this is going to be new territory for me, never having demonstrated any of my modelling techniques to anyone.

The version I'm building which is the same as the box art requires Zimmerit, which Tamiya don't provide but they do provide instructions on making your own with putty and a straight edge!

This was my attempt. I thought it looked a bit patchy but when looking at Zimmerit in photos it was not perfect, so I'm hoping my effort will past muster.

After starting on the road wheels and trying out AK interactive/Meng's German Tank colours the Zimmeritt looks okay to me.

Anyway this is as far as I have got to date. (And yes I know I have the rubber rims to do).

More soon.

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